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Editor Tools for Unity


Collection of editor tools that I use all the time in pretty much all of my projects that make my life easier.

Type Picker

Easily add more flexibility to your components and scriptable objects!

TypePicker is an attribute with a property drawer which - in combination with the SerializeReference attribute - allows you to serialize interfaces and abstract classes and choose which concrete implementation you want to use and make it editable in the inspector.

Exposed Properties

Add a facade UI for your complex prefabs in the inspector!

ExposedProperties ia s simple component that just shows properties from other components, allowing you to control the most relevant/common properties of a hierarchy at its root. This makes it much easier to set things up for a new instance of a prefab, and less likely to forget some important field.

Debug Helper

Improve your debug speed when dealing with many objects

The DebugHelper allows you to debug specific instances of your objects and components - very useful when you have many instances of the same component getting in the way of debugging the one that has a problem.


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