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My name is Yasen (also known as Pulni on the internet), and I'm a code artist! Okay, I'll clarify what I mean by that :P

  1. I am a programmer (been doing that for quite some time)

  2. Code can be an art, and to me it often is

  3. My code is art (especially when working on projects I'm passionate about)


I love game design and perhaps design in general. I've been working on games for a while, but lately I participated in a few projects that were more focused on the visual art side, and I loved that! There's something about expressing ideas or expressing oneself in creative ways, without any secondary goals, that makes it really special to me!

Lets connect!

I'd love to meet cool new creative people! Perhaps we can do a game jam together, or some cool side project, or just discuss ideas and get to know each other! If you feel like it - use any of the links below to get in touch! :)

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