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Created in cooperation with Anna Virimine and M.Harvey Bee


Edgebound is an abstract game-like experience about getting in touch with the psyche. It consists of different worlds, each one representing a different state of mind and thus having its own distinct visual theme. Common aspect among the worlds is that all of them are composed of geometric platforms that produce chaotic formations. The game uses platforming elements and fast-paced gameplay indicating the mind's ability to quickly make connections between various experiences, but also its determination when it's on a given path. The players assume the role of the inner-self and by rushing through memory, thought and emotion fragments, they explore the unpredictable nature and vagueness of thoughts, as well as the trait of the mind to shift states spontaneously.

Behind the scenes

Edgebound was originally created for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2 which had the theme "Let there be chaos".

It started as an experimental thing, as we didn't have any great ideas for the jam, and decided to just experiment with different things: me - with the character controller that I had made previously, and Virimine - with shaders. She came up with the idea about the mind, and we started expanding it and working on the experience.

It went reasonably well, and so later on we submitted it for participation in the Athens Digital Arts Festival. Once they accepted it, we set on to do a few more improvements: add a few more worlds, improve some existing ones, fix some bugs, and quite importantly - find someone to create music for it!

My role

We co-designed this with Virimine. She was the lead on the visual side of things, and I was responsible for the gameplay.

Programming: I made a few components for the character controller - a checkpoint system, and some world-specific systems to strengthen the experience we wanted in them. I also made a level generator, and helped a little with the shaders.

Design: I designed the level generator, as well as world-specific tweaks to levels and character movement that make them feel more authentic. 


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