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Game Idea

Doomflight is a simple and addictive 2D space flight game. Your goal is to guide your space vehicle through various obstacles and survive as long as you can. The further you go, the higher your speed, the more difficult the challenges!

Behind the scenes

This is the first Unity game I've released. It was originally available for both Android and iOS, but currently it's only on Android.

The game features multiple maps providing different challenges, and several space ships with unique special abilities that help you face those challenges and go deeper and deeper in space. Over time, you get to upgrade the ships and go even further, reaching new harder parts of the maps, but also getting more rewards, allowing you to unlock and upgrade other ships.

Doomflight is heavily inspired by another mobile game - Hill Climb Racing - an "endless runner" with various maps and upgrade-able vehicles. I loved how that game can be enjoyed for quite some time as well as the feeling of progression that it gives, so I wanted to make my interpretation of it.

My role

I made this game myself, with friends helping with ideas and testing every now and then. As for visuals and sounds, I used assets from the Unity Asset Store and similar sites. And here are the more interesting parts that I did.

Programming: As this was my first game in Unity, I had a lot of things to learn. I made some generic components - a pooling system, several UI helpers, some math helpers. For the game specifically, I made procedurally generated maps, with procedurally generated meshes, some abstractions to make it easier to make new maps and vehicles, a tool that helps me balance the maps in terms of difficulty and rewards.

Game and level design: I designed all the maps and ships. I had a few more in mind that sadly I did not get the time to implement. One of the features I'm most proud of and happy with is the "wormholes" that allow you to go much faster through the easy parts of a map. Their difficulty is based on how far you've reached on the current map, always providing a decent challenge, but also speeding things up greatly. This solved the problem that I've had with other games - that once you're good at it / well equipped, you may fall asleep before you get to the interesting parts of the "run".


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