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Created in cooperation with Anna Virimine


Banquet is a Top Trumps kind of card game with a few additional rules - the cards prompt the players to perform different actions (sing, dance, joke, etc.) to trigger some special effects that give them an advantage. It's a perfect ice breaker on events and parties.

Behind the scenes

This game is something Virimine wanted as a side playful thing to the presentation of ERGO/prhizomius. I was already helping with that, plus I love board games as well, so I joined Anna to assist with some game design ideas and balancing.

My role

On this project, I mostly assisted Virimine with some game design ideas, and with the balancing of the cards. I made us a tool that calculates how good the cards are against each other. Initially, I planned to manually adjust the numbers to reach a good balance, but then I decided to expand the tool with an automation for the balancing. This allowed us to tweak the rules and effects without much worry that we'll need to go through a slow manual rebalancing process every time we do so!


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