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A multiplayer game me and 5 other people created for Global Game Jam 2022.

Game jam theme


Behind the scenes

I joined up with some "old" and some "new" people, and we started brainstorming. We had various ideas.

One thing we were discussing was doing the forbidden thing for game jams... online multiplayer! Of course, we were planning to use Photon (a multiplayer service that handles everything, really), but it was still going to make it more challenging.

The other thing we were considering was mixing 2 classic games together. Tanks got mentioned, snake got mentioned... and then someone went "What if we have tanks... that shoot snakes?!". It was a crazy idea... but the more we thought about it, the more we loved it! 

  1. It's ridiculous!

  2. It connects to the theme - duality - machine and nature.

  3. Being able to control both the tank and the snake makes for a nice skill-based game (also, some more duality).

  4. Also would be cool as a multiplayer thing (2 players, that's some more duality, right? :D )

So that's what we eventually went with, and I think it got to a reasonably good state, given that it's a game jam thing!

The team

Aleksandar Bozhinov - game design, programming
Antoni Yordanov - art - characters and props
Georgy Angelov - programming - multiplayer
Krum Dimitrov - programming
Toma Tomanski - art - environment
Yasen Dokov (me) - programming, shaders

My role

For this game jam, I was mostly doing simple things. I implemented the collisions between the objects, some smaller programming stuff, and made a shader or two using shader graph.


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