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A couch co-op top down neon signal bouncer. Keep the bouncing transmission between the ships while advancing through obstacles.

Game jam theme


Behind the scenes

This was my first game jam ever. I did it with a group of real life friends, as I was somewhat worried that I might otherwise ruin it for some random people. I didn't quite know how much stuff can be done over 2 days when you don't care about code quality. :D 

We started brainstorming and had a few ideas about some entities transmitting their "mood" or their "presence" around. We liked the concept and started implementing it, but eventually we couldn't make a game out of it, so in the middle of the jam we started rethinking our options. That's when we came up with the final idea. It was convenient, because we could reuse a lot of the code that we already had.

We pulled an all-nighter to make everything work, but sometime towards the morning our mood had dropped a lot. We had made most of the stuff we wanted, but there was still some gameplay issue, and we didn't have an artist, so everything looked beyond bad! We were thinking if we should just leave it and go home to finally get some sleep. We went for some breakfast nearby and I guess food helped, because we decided to push through a little longer... and things started working out! A fellow jammer helped us with the visuals by just changing a few materials and adding a few post processing effects; I came up with a solution to our gameplay problem, and we had a pretty good version by the end of the jam!

The team

Veselin Nikolov - lead design

Pulni (me) - lead programming

BloodyStupidViktor - design, programming

Pavel Milchev - design, programming

My role

On this game jam I was the main programmer. As it was my first, I was still half-noob, so I encountered a few challenges like "how do I make the wave go nicely in all directions, in a somewhat performant way that doesn't kill my laptop?"


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