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Lost and Found Center

A small game I made in a day for Global Game Jam 2021

Game jam theme

Lost and Found

Game idea

A short and simple game in which you work at a Lost and Found center. People come to you and "describe" what item they've lost, and you have to return it to them. You have to help as many as you can within a time limit.

Behind the scenes

As usual, at the start I did not have too many ideas, especially ones that I like. The most obvious thing was to make a game about a place with lost items, and I really don't like doing the most obvious thing. But then I came up with the gameplay loop, I came up with the way that people are describing what items they've lost, and I thought that it's worth making, given that it's a playable thing, and it will take me just a few hours to make.

Then I came up with more ideas to make it cooler - add various full-screen effects for different game modes. Night (flashlight) mode, drunk mode, inverted colors mode.

And then the most awesome part of it came to me! I needed some sounds for the customers... so how about I record some 5-10 voice lines for them myself? :D Go play the game and enjoy my voice acting and editing!

My role

Game design: It's a simple game, but hey, people had fun playing it!

Voice acting: I recorded 5-10 voice lines for the customers. I have no idea about voice acting and editing the audio and whatnot, but had lots of fun nonetheless! :D

Programming: I did all the programming, but I can't say that it was anything spectacular.

Oh, most of the visual effects are from an asset pack I randomly got as part of some bundle.


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