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Led Astray

A platformer with story and atmosphere, created for Ludum Dare 47.

Game jam theme

Stuck in a loop

Game idea / Story

A young woman wakes up from her sleep, trying to remember something important. As her journey goes on you unravel her past and lead her through recollection. Will she be able to not be led astray from herself?

Behind the scenes

We started brainstorming and someone suggested making a platformer. I was against it, because I felt that making a good platfromer gameplay/experience is gonna be too tricky for a game jam, buuut people loved the idea, so we went with it. :)

The team

Lyrcaxis - design, programming

BloodyStupidViktor - programming

Pulni (me) - programming

Virimine - character art, animation

NefiLouko - environment art

JimRodVI - music

My role

I worked on the character controller (CC) for the game. I decided to make a new one from scratch, because it seemed like a fun exercise. It kinda was, but after a day of fighting with small issues, I saw that it may not go well if I continue with my own, so I asked Lyrcaxis (who had more of a game designer role) to help with it, and he gave me a CC that he had made for a previous game jam. It supported most things we needed, so I just had to add 1-2 small features. That went reasonably well, although it was not the best experience. This inspired me to try and make a modular CC sometime after the jam, which eventually I did and used it in Edgebound and A dicey experiment.

I also made a super cool 50-line-of-code system for tracking interactions with objects and unlocking gameplay features. It wasn't anything WOW, but I loved it, because whenever we needed to track something new or connect some new interactions, it was super easy!


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