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A puzzle game about good-looking cubes! Created for GMTK game jam 2021.

Game jam theme

Joined Together

Game idea

A puzzle games where you control 2 cubes (separately or... together!) and you have to move around, press buttons, and guide them to their target destinations!

Behind the scenes

I had no plans to participate in this game jam, but when I talked with a friend who was doing it solo, it seemed like she had a little too much on her plate, so I offered to help with the programming.

She already had the gameplay idea, so I directly dived into programming what was needed.

The team

Beatrate - game and level design, 3d art, programming

Pulni (me) - programming, level design

My role

Programming: I wrote most of the code for the game, as Bea (who is an amazing unity dev) wanted to focus more on the other things (level design, 3d modeling).

I made the input and movement controllers for our characters - the cubes. I made a 3D grid system that they used to calculate whether some move is allowed and how exactly to rotate. The data was being extracted from the objects in the scene, so that we can somewhat naturally edit levels in Unity and everything would just work.

Level design: I made the second level of the game. Level design on puzzle games is tricky, that's all I'm gonna say.


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