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A dicey experiment

A small experimental game I tried to make for the GMTK game jam 2022, but only finished 2 weekends later.

Game jam theme

Roll of the dice

Game idea

The player is taken on a journey going through all sides of a very large die where each one of them is a different level. The levels on the opposing sides are of the same type, but increasing in difficulty the further the player progresses.

Behind the scenes

Initially I didn't like the theme very much. I only had boring, common ideas. So I started thinking in another direction - what would I like to do? I've wanted to play with visuals for a while, and was waiting for a game jam that'll give me this opportunity, and finally there it was!

I started thinking about a 3D game, and that's when I came up with it. A 3D game where a player is walking on a very large die, doing some platforming and mazing (is that a thing?). This allows me to play with visuals, work on my modular character controller... And! It allowed me to finally put a maze I had in mind into a game! That's what level 5 is.

My role

Game and level design: All of it, basically, but here are some cooler parts:

  1. Used the dice pips as part of the platforming and hid some of them as an additional optional challenge to find them all.

  2. Added "breadcrumbs" on the maze levels to make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

  3. Came up with a somewhat cool "inside" scene, and a nice final zoomed-out scene.

All in all I had a lot more level design ideas than usual! Many things I didn't have time to include.

Visuals: Didn't have as much time to play with visuals as I wanted, but I enjoyed experimenting with shader graph!

Programming: Created 2-3 character controller modules specific to this game. I really like working with the CC. Other than that - just basics.


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